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Subject: Program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement …Saving thousands of innocent lives…

9 Jul

Wednesdy, July 9, 2014

WE THE PEOPLE, started on Jan. 1, 2006 as a all volunteer, non-political, self-funded, fully independent citizens police oversight board, not controlled by any organization public or private with one goal, to stop law enforcement use of unjustified deadly physical force against restrained innocent people when a officer witness these illegal acts nationwide.

We trust the vast majority of officers do a good job, some are excellent on and off duty, but our research and investigation was shocking to learn, not one of all levels of policing had any clear specific procedures, no training, no accountability when officers see officers start to repeatedly beat/kick and start to shoot to death restrained innocent people as our program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement provides.

Oregon Senate Bill 111 Law Enforcement Use of Deadly Physical Force was passed and then signed in 2007 by Gov. Ted Kulongoski mandated to be in full force July 1, 2008 with our program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement.

The seventh very top law enforcement official that was forced out of office was
Robert Mueller former FBI Director on Sept. 4, 2013 as he refused to start the program T.R.L.E. contributing to the murders of many innocent people nationwide.
Mueller also hired on Jan, 6, 2009 knowing that Ronald C. Ruecker is America’s #1 Enemy of The People, harming many people in three cities in Oregon when he was Superintendent of Oregon State Police and he lost three cases at Jacksonville,
Baker City and Sherwood City when he was Director of Safety.

Ruecker was forced to resign on Dec.1, 2006 as he stated in The Oregonian Newspaper
“For the good of members, (Oregon State Police) family and the public I will resign.”

Portland had the lowest murder rate of 20 murders in 2012 compared to the highest in Chicago, The Murder Capitol of The nation with 500 murders per the FBI data for 2012.

Contact your law enforcement bureaus and tell them to start the program or RESIGN TODAY!

For more facts please contact us and/or Google: Jerry Atlansky

Make every day terrific,

Jerry Atlansky Founder/Chairperson
United States Police/Oregon State Police-
Independent Citizens Review Board
Portland, Oregon 97213\